Prepaid Funerals South East Funeral Services
You can plan your funeral the way you would like it to be, saving your family any confusion which may occur as to your personal preferences.  The ideal time to select a funeral is before it is needed, when decisions can be made logically and less emotionally about the final expenses rather than at a time of grief.

You will receive a Pre-Paid Funeral Contract recording your exact wishes.

The funeral is paid for at today’s prices (when it may be more affordable) with no more to pay, regardless of how long before it is needed.

Our pre-paid funeral funds are placed with Lifeplan Australia Friendly Society Limited.  All funds are capital guaranteed.

Security is guaranteed
Special purpose design
Joint Applications
Taxation advantages including Social   Security
No health restrictions
Minimum initial contribution – $500.00

No-one likes thinking about funerals, especially their own.  But it’s worth giving some thought to, if only for your family’s sake.

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